Stuck in a Rut called Life.

Life is a fickle subject, so many ups and downs and no matter who you are, we all experience this wonderful ride we call life. People say our existence can be positive, negative, or even somewhere in-between. But people also say we have no control over fate, or destiny which in return boils down to life, and I’d say

“that’s a paradox.”

We as humans are completely in control, which is what sets aside from the animals, because you and only you choose your path, you choose whether you succeed or fail, time and time again in all aspects of life. Existence is the experience of living and if you understand that, then you’re on your way to passion and purpose within your life.
Now from the beginning of our life to about the age of eighteen, give or take is where we all tend to be close to one another, not as in friendships, but as believers, as dreamers, and people who constantly contemplates the future, while looking to the stars. Better yet we were visionary’s and we were able to see the invisible in which is the possibilities to life. Yet the world tells us that our dreams and desires towards what seems to be impossible, are unrealistic as a child, so we try doing something practical such as working a job from nine to five, five days a week, for the next 40 years in order to live in life, versus living life.
Well life for little ole Joesph McDowell was just that. You see that poor kid couldn’t get a break, life would pick him up to only spit him out, time and time again. And he sure was the sweetest of all kids, he’d say

“Yes Ma’am”, “Please” and “Thank you”

and about any other form of manners you could think of. Someone or something sure was looking out for him, because his life was far from a smooth ride we all hope for. Now poor little Joesph had been rejected and forgotten by his parents, he had lived in a foster home for but a moment, travelled from state to state, going from one school to the other, and from family to family. Yet he stayed sweet, he never lashed out and he never broke the rules, he could only love. This poor kid had been abused, kidnapped and put in harm’s way time and time again, but it didn’t matter what life threw at him, he kept moving, he kept dreaming, and he kept reaching for the stars looking for his purpose. But Joesph got to a point where life was about to become even more real, for the path to adulthood was just around the corner. Now keep in mind statistically most kids who endure mass amounts of turmoil tend to get lost in life, they let the negative consume their life and they lose their life. But not for Joesph, he may not be reaching as high for the stars at this point, but he decided to roll with the punches and survive this thing we call life, just for a little while.
Now as we become adults, life gets ready to throw a new set of challenges our way. We need a place to live, which takes money in order to survive, which in return means we need to work, for that takes time, a lot of time, which then makes us exhausted, to do it over and over again for some forty years of life to only hope to retire if you were intelligent and successful enough. And some people are more prepared then others, but then we have some who slip through the cracks, trying to be that dreamer that we all once were, in which society told us won’t get you anywhere in life. But some made it at a young age, while others horribly failed to only go back to surviving. But then some hid, maybe they became poor or maybe rich. But only time can tell when they will show the world how they’re going to live life.
Joesph is now an adult, with a rather smart head on his shoulders, enough to let him survive anyhow. His work ethic is strong, he’s punctual, respectful, loyal, honest and everything an employer could look for. He did what was needed in order to pay his bills and have a little fun, but he was never well off enough to get ahead, but rather he maintained a steady balance of highs and lows. But in his years, he never could seem to stay at a single job, not because he was a bad employee, but rather the same little dreamer he was as a child, he wanted bigger and better, except money took the place of his dreams and aspirations. At this point he was about climbing the ladder for a company, making that good money to live a life with no bounds, but little did he know he was doing part of it right, he was reaching for the stars, the impossible. But he dreamt about the wrong goals, he dreamt to be successful in money, not passion, purpose and life. Or you could say the realistic goals society tells us to have versus the unpractical dreams we think we can achieve.
So, the years went on for Joesph, he had loved, he had lost, he worked ever so hard but to only stay in the same place with lost time. He didn’t have a bad life, but it was below his potential. He enjoyed his time in the military as a Navy Seabee, in which he was a part of the greater good and which he sacrificed his life to get a chance at a better life then what he had. This gave him a third chance to life, but little did Joesph know that he would being going to war, to fight for the freedoms and liberties we have as Americans, to do what most won’t anymore, to once again sacrifice. So time passed by again as he stood still, even though the military had given him a chance to a better life, it had taken a part of his life as well, after the war, after all the death, and poverty he had seen, through all the rigorous training he had endured, and mental anguish of breaking one’s self down in order to build them back up. Even though what he did could and can be respected, that wasn’t enough to stop the shit storm or turmoil he was about to endure.
Joesph had become lost after war, he just wasn’t the same, his life as dreamer had stopped at this point and the negativity which surrounded his life had consumed him. He was still able to provide and survive, but he became a drone working thirteen hour days, to go home and sleep for only a couple hours, while also fighting the demons within his head, which would give him depression, anxiety, anger and not to mention the pain his body endured daily, then to do it all over again and again, day in and a day out. His life was digging deeper and deeper into a rut, that some would say he would never get out of. His life had very little meaning at this point and he was alone. Poor Joesph got stuck in this rut for seven years after war, but a total of fourteen years from the point of childhood. These experiences in his life just would not give him a break.
As Joesph entered his thirties he had a revelation, he decided he was going to take a risk in life once again, so he went to a trade school to learn something new. It was great, it challenged him, and gave him enjoyment for a moment, but the reality was it was just another job, but the risk that was taken to leap for something unsafe was the start to something he would never see coming, change. The work was good, it was easy, it paid well and it was relaxing. Joesph probably could have retired as a Driver, until one night driving home from work, Joesph had been followed by a car, then chased down a back road with curves and bends all around, the slightest turn would be devastating. As Joesph was so close to being home, speeding well above the speed limit and twisting and turning just trying to get away from this car playing dangerous games, he makes a choice to turn down a road, and as a safe driver he puts his turn signal on, hoping once he made this turn he could just get back on his journey to go home and get some sleep after a long night and the other car would just pass on by, but that wasn’t the case. All a sudden time was as if it had stopped, right in front of his eyes, Joesph could see the car coming right for him, with nothing to do but to let time continue as it would “SMACK” the other car drove right into his driver side, hitting the front fender, tire and door. Now Joesph wasn’t a little man, he stood six feet five inches and weighed about two-hundred and forty pounds, yet he was driving a little compact car during this incident, his knees rested in front of the dash, his head right below the roof, it was as if he were a sardine in a tuna can. But adrenaline does wondrous things, in which it allowed him to get out of the car that now lay broken in front of him and the other car sitting there, as if it were taunting him to take revenge on the careless drivers who had affected his life and all that he has worked for. But he didn’t, he decided in his deep voice to take the info that was needed in order to use the law to his benefit. But this would only be another piece to his puzzle as he would sit there in pain, wondering what life had in store for him next.
It wasn’t but shortly after winning his lawsuit towards the auto incident, that he would finish the time it took to heal, but he wasn’t going to, it had only increased the issues he already had from being a disabled veteran, who was already fighting for his benefits from wars effects. So, what was Joesph to do? then he remembered his tution free schooling for time in service and this would be his last option to survive peacefully before having to go back to the mundane job of surviving and hurting in the work force, or find a way to live life. And there he would find that passion he had forgotten about long ago and his eyes would be opened through knowledge, the knowledge of who are you. He would once again reach for the stars, but with an actual direction this time, the direction to his purpose in life.
But he still had one more battle before completing his puzzle to life, he had to learn to accept himself and he had been fighting himself for a long time now, so long that he grew tired of it all. But one thing that was good from all of this pain inside was it became his fuel to his passion, for without it he may never have found himself. But as Joesphs time went on, the negativity in life increased tenfold, the people in this world had begun to lose their minds, kids and young adults no longer had morals and manners, hell even self-respect. Work ethic forget that, let alone the technology that is rotting their brains, they have become dependent on convenience versus knowledge and hard work. We aren’t even going to get into the trends and styles, that’s just gone to shit. People want something for free, or they complain to get their way or to gain equality yet it creates segregation between the people. We have TV stars as the President of the United States, and the list goes on and on. But this negativity had completely consumed Joesph, he had lost positivity in his life, until he said

“No more, I don’t want anything to do with the negativity in myself or life for that matter”

and he chose to let positivity in his life and ignore all that is bad which is consuming through negativity in this world. He chose to live a life of positivity, in order to follow passion to the purpose of his life, he chose to take control and reach for the stars, he decided to see the invisible, the impossible, because visionaries see the invisible and grasp on to the impossible in order to create a reality of passion and purpose.
You see life is about the experience of living, it is the goal in which to live life, and not to just exist. We are to live with life and not against it, and visionaries see this, know this and live this, they live this one life we have, for it passes in the blink of an eye. The experience in which we endure through life are but your puzzle pieces to the big picture that is your life, your passion and your purpose. Some never figure this out, some search all their life for it, and some find it, but those who found it have understanding, they have knowledge, they have life experience, which is what opened their eyes to see the meaning to life, and how to achieve it. But knowing is only half the battle, for it takes planning, it takes goals, hard work and dedication, perseverance and patience, commitment and faith. But don’t wait for tomorrow for there is no guarantee, look for yourself today, because time is precious and we don’t get a second chance at this. Just remember that success isn’t defined by position or money, but the value of your self-worth.

“Be you today not tomorrow.”

“Are you worth it? If so reach for the stars and leave your mark”


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