A small child grasps a crayon, a toy, a book,
Curious kids they are, always touching and looking,
Constantly feeding their mouths and minds.
Every inch they grow, every tooth they lose,
The time on the clock becomes a part of the past.
The line marked in pen, the tooth under the pillow,
These items frozen within reality, capturing a moment.

School starts, children cry, parents sob,
The child walks through the crowds of children,
The parents worry in their car,
As teachers awaits the blank slates of the future.
Kids punch, kick, run and scream,
Unstable they are, fragile little vessels.
Teachers watch, only to close their ears,
The silence is heard, as the kids scream for help,
No one can hear them, as bullies lose their temper.

Child comes home, drops their bag,
To their room they go, away from those who do not know,
They sit there in silence, as tears fall down their cheek,
Helpless to those who cannot hear, the suffering child may disappear.




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