Before we get started I thought I share some insight into the sacrifice I myself have given in my life, at the cost of something greater than what I currently had, though sometimes sacrifice involves risk, it gives us two paths,

Which one do we go down? We might ask ourselves.

But that depends on so many variables, our mindset being the biggest one of them all, let alone the stage we are at within life.

With that being said, before we get to my sacrifice, let’s talk about what sacrifice is and look at some examples of what sacrifice looks like.

So one of the definitions of Sacrifice is an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

Wow!!! So much power, yet so much loss in those words at the cost of sacrifice.

Honestly if you havent realized it yet, sacrifice is all around us, engrained into us and has been by our side since day one till the day we die. No matter what path you end up on, it is something we all share as life on this planet, or in this existence as a whole.

Now that’s not to say that sacrifice isn’t good, but rather a little bit of both, sometimes we sacrifice for the greater good, or we are forced to sacrifice from the touch of pains grasp, as we experiance loss, suffering or even a piece of who we are. But the fact remains it is apart of us, you, me, and those you don’t even know their name, let alone life in itself.

No joke, look at the planet we live on, did existence not make earth sacrifice a portion of itself within the creation of our existence? by throwing a piece of itself into space to give us the beauty of what we call the moon. We’ll that is one theory anyhow, but nevertheless, sacrifice has been with life since the begining, and will forever be with life as long as something is living or existing.

But we see sacrifice in so many forms, we see it within our own experiences, from those who have taken care of us, those who have stood by our side, those who defend our country, or any country for that fact, we see it in giving life, the plants we grow, the nature we walk through, or even the stars we see in the sky, because correct me if I am wrong, but those stars we look up at, some have already burned out, they are no longer alive, yet the glow of its existence still shines in the sky as we look upon it, pondering about the beauty of this life, not realizing that light burned out long ago.

Now let’s take a look into my life, 33 years of experiences, some good, some bad, but all worth it in the long run. Now I say this because I love my life, yet I ponder what could have been, though I try not to dwell on what could have been, I do appreciate what has become my life. I have no regrets, only missed opportunities, and I accept that because the sacrifice would be that of what I have now.

But let’s go to beginning of my sacrifice, somewhere around the age of 4 back in 1989, a time where I was with my biological-parents for but a moment in my memory, a time where my sacrifice as a child in a harmful situation was spared by my grandparents. I say spared because I as a young child up until the age of 10 had many rough experiences, moments that should have broken my innocence and led me down a path of horrible decisions such as my biological-parents had made. But what could have been my sacrifice was in fact my grandparents, they gave a part of them selves for me to live a happy life versus the situations I was consistently exposed too. Situations that involved neglect, sex, drugs, abuse in the physical form and sexual form, kidnapping and the list goes on and on. My life as a child was full of horrible moments, but also moments that saved me from who I could have been, thanks to those who sacrificed for me to have a better life. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for everything you did for me, may you rest in peace.

But I’m not going to tell you everything yet, you’ll have to wait for my book for all the details.

But, now I hope you see that my sacrifice was spared, but someone else had to sacrifice in return, and sometimes this doesn’t happen, but for me it did, thankfully. Yet many other times in my life I have had to give in order to get, but also at many different stages in my life, with different ambitions, desires, aspirations and mindsets. Because like many we get blinded by money, possessions, stature and so much more, I know I was anyhow.

It’s like the old saying “I wish I knew what I know now, back then.”

I was lost at young age, and even though my grandparents had helped spare my innocence, there was still a darkness that lied dormant inside me from the experiences I had endured. Though it didn’t affect me then, it affected me later, causing me to have difficulty in finding myself let alone understanding who I truly am. A sacrifice I had not realized until much later. But I got stuck down this path of false aspirations, while sacrificing so much along the way only to give it all up in the end, as if it were wasted time and sacrifice. But it wasn’t, these moments hold purpose now, they gave me something at the sacrifice of living a life that wasn’t mine.

Like I said sacrifice is all around us, I sacrificed my freedom for the military, I sacrificed my sanity to go to war for you and all those I love and the way of life I love. I sacrificed for a relationship, by taking on responsibilities of becoming a step parent, in time ofcourse, but nevertheless I gave my previous life up for a life of sacrificing as a parent, and a husband because that is what you do for the ones you love. We even see sacrifice for friends and family, as a brother, sister, son, daughter, uncle, aunt and the list goes on and on. We have all see it and lived it, so don’t fight it, don’t hate it, just accept it, because at some point you will have to sacrifice.

I know this seems vague, but all I’m trying to show you is the many ways we sacrifice in life, from a young age to the end of our life. But sacrifice has worth, it has value because whether the sacrifice comes from good experiences or bad, in the end that sacrifice holds meaning, that sacrifice was given for something greater. For instance I would give my life for my Daughter, for my sacrifice holds worth in the fact she could live a full life at the cost of her father’s, if the situation called for that of course. But it is all in our mindset, how we perceive this life, the meaning it holds and the cost it takes to get what you need in this life. When you understand that your sacrifice was for something greater, than can you move from the darkness that sacrifice blinds us with, only to see the beauty of what sacrifice has given us.


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