The Serenity of Justin Furstenfeld’s “Blue October”

If you don’t know who Justin Furstenfeld is by now, you will know his name and better yet who he is and what he does after this.

Who is Justin Furstenfeld?

Well one could say he is an Artist, a Writer or better yet an Author, but he is also a musician, the lead singer of Blue October, a guitarist and so much more; but that isn’t who Justin is in itself, that is just what he loves to do, what he has a passion for and the purpose he was given to light up the world with his gifts by expressing the truth to his life. Who Justin really is, is a Father, a Husband, a Brother, a Friend, but most of all an inspiration for all of those who have had the pleasure to know him either personally or as a fan, a supporter, even as a listener to the art and beauty he provides us with.

Justin age 42 was born December 14th, 1975, and currently resides in San Marcos, Texas. He has a brother Jeremy Furstenfeld (The Drummer of Blue October), he is married to his wife Sarah and he has three children, Blue Reed (from his previous marriage) in which his Album “Any Man In America” was dedicated too, than he has his two children with his wife Sarah, Sayde Belle and Gunner Black.


But, who is Blue October?

If you know who Justin Furstenfeld is, than you probably know he is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Blue October, along side his brother Jeremy Furstenfeld (Drummer) and Ryan Delahoussaye a multi-instrumentalist. They created Blue October back in 1995 in Houston, Texas. The band has accomplished eleven Top Forty singles within eight albums, not to mention their Platnium album Foiled in 2006. Some of their hit singles include “Hate Me”, and “Into the Ocean” from Foiled , “Calling You” from History for sale, and “I Hope You’re Happy” from their newest album I Hope You’re Happy, among what I would say should be many, many more. You see Blue October isn’t just a band, a group, or even just a family, they are healing, compassion and beauty, because their music speaks truth, pain, suffering and all around life experience.

Blue October
On an interview with Salute Magazine back in April Justin Furstenfeld said,

“I had to think of some clever little name for a band when I was like 18-19 and October always seemed like the time in my life when something huge would happen. Something big and drastic would change. I was always a melancholy kid, listening to The Smiths and The Cure and stuff like that. October was just the season of change. It just wrapped it up in a nutshell. Blue October just sounded mellow and moody. No deep-seeded meaning, just the color and month together.”
I love this statement, so simple, so true, while packed with an immense amount of meaning, maybe Justin didn’t realize back then, but now after all of his life experience I feel as though there is a time for that meaning to come to light and shine. I see it, can you?

For you to truly know Blue October you must learn what their music does for many of us, let alone what Justin expresses through his voice, from which he has experienced in life and much of what it has to offer. You must learn that music isn’t just something you listen too, but rather an outlet to experience, relate or even learn from the truth that lies within ones passion, such as Justin and Blue October.

I first encountered Blue October in 2006 at the age of 21, the year they released their


album Foiled. Life was still young for me, yet I had already been through my fair share in life from my childhood experiences; from various memories of neglect, abuse and the feeling of being unwanted by those who gave me life. These memories consisted of being kidnapped, being held against my will due to my biological mothers poor choices. But that wasn’t it, I was sexually abused, exposed to drugs and alcohol, left to fend for myself, and forgotten as if I were nothing.

The list goes on and on, but that’s not to say my life was full of negative moments, because with the bad always comes the good, and that good was my grandparents, they gave me a second chance at living a life full of love, compassion and warmth as a family.

All of this plus more happened before I was 10 years old, in which I moved from Purump, Nevada to Portland, Oregon with my Grandpas Sister, due to my Grandma having Colon Cancer. You see even though my shit storm had ended for but a moment, it wasn’t over, now I was losing the only people who ever cared for me, while getting ready to start over once again, in which I was adopted by my great Aunt and Uncle. But life became good again, besides the various issues that came from my childhood, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues, but I did surprisingly well at hiding it, or maybe people just didn’t notice my suicidal tendencies.

But I went through what most everyone experiences as a child, social status, boy likes girl, girl likes someone else, I had bullies and I just didn’t really fit in, I was the shy kid, the sensitive one, the hopeless romantic and someone who dreamt of true love, yet I was the boy who was undesired.

Finally high school ended, now I was a young adult and you could say due to childhood trauma I was lost, I was misguided and I didn’t know who I was. I had fallen into a group that didn’t have the best influence and it led me down a path of poor choices, a bad relationship with a cheater, liar and thief, while living a lifestyle that wasn’t really me. But I had found Blue October in these years, their lyrics flowed through my existence, my struggles, and my weaknesses as a lost soul. I had became an instant fan, at the local bar I would play their album Foiled as I would play pool with a local man who had a physical disability, one arm was dramatically shorter than the other giving him limited mobility, but guess what, he kicked my ass every time while I absorbed the words of Justin Furstenfeld as they flew through the bar into my ears “Hate me today, hate me tomorrow…” . All the while getting my drinks from the cute bartender, “Mouse” was her nickname I think, either way she was a good talk, with a great attitude who loved Blue October as much as I did.

But life got heavy you could say, the life I was living was no longer good for my health and I had to make a choice, go further down the rabbit hole or join the military and start a new life once again, a reboot you could say. Well I probably wouldn’t be here if I went down the rabbit hole, so yes I left it all behind for a new beginning, a new chapter and a new life.


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