Puzzle Pieces

 I had a moment in these past 10 weeks, when I had an epiphany. For those that do not know what an epiphany is, or those who know the word but not the definition, an epiphany is “A moment of sudden revelation, or insight”, or “A moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious or, something that is very important to you.”  Depending on where you look, the definitions are close to one another. Now what I learned from this moment was, how to get where I want to go in my life, as well as what I want to do with my life, my passion that is. And I call this my Puzzle Pieces.

Now what it taught me was, even though a little later in life than I would have liked, that the paths that I have followed, and the paths that I am following in my life have purpose, it led me to the moment in which I knew what I wanted, was where I was meant to be, and that I’m doing what is needed to achieve them. You see I’m in my 30’s now, not quite old yet, but tired. I would say I have lived, and I have much more life to live. I was in the armed forces, I’m a disabled veteran of war, I had my struggles as a child, I had my struggles as a young adult, I’ve travelled, I have worked hard to climb the ladder at all my employers, because I desired to learn, and to succeed, and I am a student, among much more. I would like to say I have experienced life, and I have much more to experience, but I followed the wrong ambitions, and dreams in the beginning. Granted all my experiences have made me who I am, and I don’t regret that. Because everyone is different, you might get your epiphany as a younger age then me, or maybe even later, but nevertheless, if you follow who your truly are, and what you desire out of life, you will see the way. But this is what the puzzle pieces are, they are your life, your experiences, your goals, achievement’s and so much more. It what makes you, you. For everything good, and bad in your life, but it’s up to you to embrace yourself, and be true to yourself.

 You can do it too, but you must work at it, I know my journey wasn’t the easiest, but I’m thankful to know what I need too now. Life’s rough, I’m sure we can all contest to that, but you can’t give up, whether it’s in work, or school, or just life in general. We all have dreams, ambitions, passions, and so on. So sit down, take a minute to breathe, and really think about what really makes you happy in life, now I know that’s easier said than done, but now look at it, and make it realistic, as well as practical, trust me I wanted to be an Olympic Swimmer, but I’m not, and maybe it was possible at one point, but nevertheless take those desires, and plan, and make steps to achieve your goals, even if the next 5 years are going to be rough, dedicate yourself, because it will pay off. But keep those steps close to you and constantly remind yourself that this is what I need to do to get where I want to go. The saying the sky is the limit, can be a true statement, if you commit, and dedicate yourself to a realistic plan to achieve what you want. That’s what I’m doing anyways, and its working for me, nevertheless this is your puzzle, and you need to figure out how to put it all together to see what the actual big picture is. And I have faith you will all get there.


Life is like a math equation, it can be hard untill you figure it out. 

First off in math there is all sorts of equations just like life where there are many problems good and bad. So I’m not saying I have every awnser to a problem/equation, but I believe I have solved one of the main problems/equations to life which consist of a simple life.

I don’t know about you but a simple life is a dream these days, besides the fact that how many generations have worked their fingers to the bones to just get a taste of the simple life before their dieing days. And maybe simple means many things to different people, but simple to me means, little to no bills, the freedom to do what I please when I please with my friends and family, and just living the one life I have on this planet to the fullest.

Now like I said this doesn’t apply to everyone’s situation, for instance if you love a big city, and expensive things, you might not want my advice because it doesn’t apply to you. But if you love the outdoors like hiking, fishing, hunting and camping, which is like the biggest attraction to Oregon, then this might be for you. But again don’t misconstrue my words, outdoors can be a pretty broad spectrum of things, like the beach, well this isn’t for beach lovers, mainly because the beach is expensive.

Now that we have narrowed down a general location to my kind of simple life we can start getting to the simplicity of life if done right. Let’s start with bills, let’s face it we all hate bills there is no denying that, but this can be the easiest part of the equation/problem with some variables ofcourse like your choices you have already made in your life, like a new car for instance you can’t really stop paying your $200 to $500 car payment now can you. But break it down, look at all your bills, what bills are needs and what bills are wants, you know what I’m talking about, do you really need a $200 phone bill when you could go prepaid, since no one really talks on their phones anymore these days, especially when you can pay $10 a month for a home phone, you might say it’s not convenient or its lame but it saves you $190 a month. I’m not going to give and example of every bill it’s common sense, but think about it next time you look at your bills, you could save a lot of money. One last thing on bills and this applies to the bills that are needs, these can be adjusted aswell if not to $0 a month or even get you paid versus you paying for a utility bill. But you need to have a house of your own which is the only catch, but when that day comes and it will, think about what I’m saying. Buy a property with a Well, no more water bill, get Solar Panels, no more electric bill or you could even get paid by PGE for producing more then enough electricity to your property, take your own trash to the dump, or burn it, you can even throw your scraps in he compost bin, burn wood instead of gas, make a garden and go hunting and fishing, that alone if your any good can eliminate most of your food bill if not all of it and lastly but most unlikely to happen, get a property with a warms springs, to heat your water, now if only we could collect rain water we would be set. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

One big thing is a house, it’s scary I no but don’t be greedy, do you really need 8 bedrooms, probably not, but go simple. Buy a lot of land, and get a manufactured home, they are just as nice as a built house. Hey or you could build your house, but if you are smart about it, you could have at least a acre lot, 4 bedroom house with money in the bank for less the  $100000 versus $300000, but it’s your choice, not mine.

Well let’s see we’ve covered bills, and location, let’s move on to work, which can be the hardest one of all depending on what you want in life. Well this equation/problem is all over the board, some people enjoy what they do, and if you are the lucky one who has his dream job then I guess we are done here, but if you hate your job, your boss, and your just outright unhappy, then fix it. Did you know that not only in this era but in oregon is the best time to be who you are and make money doing it.Yes I’m talking about being an entrepreneur, it can be hard, but I’m sure there is some thing you have to offer this world whether it’s arts and crafts or singing, maybe even being a guide to the hunter, the sky is the limit and you can work in the luxury of your own home, look at all he stay at home mom and dads, all it takes is time and little money, so quit buying that coffee and save your money to follow your dream. Not to mention there are so many options for help to start your dream if you just make the effort to find them. You might not be rich at the end of the day, but if your bills are tooken care of, and you free to do what you want, then whats the harm.

Well at this point I’d say we are about done except for three things, credit to help get you the things you desire like to house for instance, be smart check your credit, don’t use more then 30 percent of your credit card limit, so you can build that credit, and please make you payments on time, credit can destroy you unless you don’t need to buy anything. Saving your money so you can pay off that house before your 80, which kind of defeats the purpose of his whole blog if your bills are $2000 plus a month till your 60 if your lucky, plus your gonna need something to live off after a certain age, a nest egg basically. Learn the stock markets, turn your money into and investment. And lastly the ones that served our country even disabled people, you have benifits that can achieve these goals a lot faster then the average joe.

Well I hope this helps some of you if not all of you, and if you liked my blog, let me know. Best of luck in your life no matter what path you follow.